Saturday, May 1, 2010

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Saturday, May 1, 2010
Exam ended! So is my identity as a student. I guess that most of the people around me will be interested in my next course of action. What will I do? Is PhD next? Preparing the big letter for the new mission?

Well, no and not yet. PhD is definitely not in the picture. Too tough and I certainly feels like I have been studying for ages. It has been a continuous journey apart from those months when I was in IBM. It seems like the 'student status' have never been separated from me. So, I would like to just take a break, away from those nostalgic schedule of rushing between office and university, meeting due date for both work and study related assignments. Since me is just mere human, I believe a break will be able to fuel and motivates me again to charge ahead! As for the new mission, timing is crucial. There is still something that I wanted to do and accomplished. Once it is completed, I will then carefully crave my next action plan. So for the time being, I just have to follow the momentum of the pendulum swings.

Nonetheless, as what I have written in FB, my focus now is to resume my abandoned netizen's life, complete and upload the overdue videos, and start my training for the KL Marathon and KK Trip. Looking at the calendar, it seems like I do not have much time left as the marathon is in June and the trip in July. Hopefully I will be able to finish the marathon in time this year!


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