Sunday, June 27, 2010

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010
2010 marked the second year for me in attending the event. Though there is no personal records broken, like last year I still managed to finished the marathon. To put it more precisely this year I managed to finished the walkathon. Hehehe... Since I did not train much for the event it would be exhausting for me to run for the entire 10km. And so in the end, my friend and I decided to do it by walking. Our records? Finished 10km within 1 hours and 45 minutes. Looking at the time, perhaps for next year we should set a quantum goal of ending the 10km marathon within 30 minutes? And this time I mean running.

This was taken right before the marathon started. This year we managed to reach on time and start together with the crowd!

The supporters were there as well cheering for their respective teams and friends.

Everyone queuing for the drinks. Notice that it was a total mess as everyone just litter.. legally....

 The happy but tired faces after the marathon. The sun is out and it time for breakfast!

Last but not least, since I was spared from the agony of collecting the Race Entry Pack this round (I still remember vividly the chaos, never-ending queue and problems encounter last year), I do not have much dissatisfaction toward the organizer. However, I prefer the runner's bag, singlet and the medal of the year 2009. Somehow the design for those items for this year is just not nice, IMHO. Then again the CronoTrack System's devise, D-Tag which was used for timing purpose, was something new. The design was simple and it gave me the impression of tag used for luggage in airport. The devise is to be attached at the shoe as per shown. 

Since this event is to be held annually, I am looking forward for the next batch and hopefully I will be able to add another medal to my Standard Chartered KL Marathon's Medal's collection! ^^


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with all that paper cup...can make a hill....malaysia boleh~

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