Sunday, October 10, 2010

KL vs SG NIKE CITY 10K 10.10.2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010
On such a memorable day, I had just finished the above run with my fellow friends. Though it is meant to be a marathon, we literally walk through the entire race.. hehehe...

Basically there is nothing about this race that are different from the one organised annually by Standard Chartered but the way they provided the water at the water station. The organiser only prepared the water in cups at the first 2 station. When I arrived at the third and fourth station, participants were asked to drink from the 1.5 litre bottle (mineral water or 100 Plus) before returning the balance to the organisers. Then the same bottle will be handed to other participants who need a drink. I do not mean to be sceptical but is it hygienic sharing water in such a way with so many people? Albeit this, I still gulped down the 100 Plus before returning the bottle to the organiser as I needed to water to keep myself from dehydrate.

Still I'm looking forward to join the same race in the future as the souvenir given is quite cute! Hopefully, the organiser will use cups in all the water stations.



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